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Paid $21.99, downloaded, won't work, asked for help, he said he might be able to do it if i give him access to my main FTP. But i've had other vqmod makers go in and copy all my extensions and do other unethical things, so I said no thanks.

I can't use it, so please just refund and I'l figure something else. He said no way, you didn't read the license agreement, not my problem, not giving a refund. A week later, I've asked opencart 3 times to step in, and told them I would dispute with Paypal if they didn't refund, and I was told any Paypal disputes would get me banned from Opencart.

I don't think that's legal, actually. I'm going to report it to Paypal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Opencart Ecommerce Platform.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.



Well Fellows, your Extensions would probably have been working well, if used in default OpenCart Installations. But if one uses a Custom Theme, or Custom Extensions, one just cannot expect, that any Extension will automatically still work.This is plain Newbie-Dreaming, done by people, just used to click on their smartphone Button, to install an App. But to play Coder in OC, it takes a little more than that, to get rich quick as soon as possible...

Torrance, California, United States #1235372

This happen to me too. Same thing.

Extension would not work. I spend 3 months opening support tickets with no reply. I finally ask paypal for a refund.

Now I am restricted and blocken from opencart. There should be a law against this.

Daniel Kerr of OpenCart tried to cover it up...


OpenCart is meant to be a free open-source ecommerce platform.

It's very popular, but only because people in general don't realise how limited/bad it is.

Once you start taking things like SEO and Usability seriously (which if you want rankings and sales, you have to), you end up having to pay hundreds for patches and extensions.

When I filed some bug reports, the owner of OpenCart responded, calling me an ***, saying I was a liar etc. He all but swore at me.

He then started deleting the bug reports and barred me.

I now have no way to fix the issues his poor code has caused me.

I'm having to pay another designer to build another site using a different platform (this time I did research, and made sure that it was community based and doesn't have some madman running around insulting people!)

Monetary Loss: $500.



> OpenCart is meant to be a free open-source ecommerce platform...Well, I feel so sorry with all those poor Fellows, likely expecting free heaven, when discovering Opencart, to then find out, that they foolishly believed, to be able, to start a Business, based on nothing but a bunch of very strange looking Code, and most likely without any personal knowledge about Web Technology in the first place...But Opencart was NEVER meant to be a free Project, but just another Business-Model, consisting out of a free basic Package, where additional Extensions and Themes could be made available, for free and paid, to satisfy individual requirements.It's just like in real Life, getting a Box full of Tools does not mean automatically , that one will be able to handle them. So, either get smart, or then, rely on a Pro, if one plans, to use Opencart, to generate Income.But Opencart is also an open System, everbody can change/add/replace, whatever one likes.

Like Journal, PAVO, and other Extension Designers, modifying a stock OpenCart to a great extend. And because of that, especially THEME-related Extensions likely don't work in customized OpenCart Installations anymore.

But this is not an OpenCart Problem, and cannot be solved by OpenCart in any way.Just to have this mentioned too. So, better dont't blame the OC-Boss, but the one, looking at you, if you look in the mirror.


He did the same thing to me when I pointed out a security flaw. I still use it but i fixed the bug myself. The guy has a real attitude problem.


well on the contrary since we open up our small online business for almost 2 years now and so far we have a great experience using Opencart features are clear and simpler, faster and easy to manage and their support team are very diligent and helpfull.


No, i am using opencart and it is working fine!

the default opencart can set SEO keywords

as you searching in the extensions page

there are a lot of SEO extension if you are not willing to pay, you can develop SEO code by yourself

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OpenCart Shopping Cart Owner Daniel Kerr Ripped Me Off


I use opencart to create online stores and I have spent hundreds of dollars buying extra modules to add on to my web sites for extra features for my customers. Now I bought 2 modules that were in the opencart store that did not work, I emailed the developers of those opencart extensions or modules and they never replied.

So I put in a dispute with paypal that I bought something that does not work & I want my money back, well Daniel Kerr the owner of opencart emails me saying I am permanently banned from his site & I can no longer download the current modules that I bought & I just lost all my money that I previously spent on his site because I can't download those modules. The thing is these modules get updated by developers every time there is a update to opencart or the developer finds a bug in his software or module, so now I am barred from downloading all those module updates.

This guy Daniel Kerr is one of the most arrogant people I have ever dealt with. I tried to explain the situation & all he could do is insult e & call me names and basically laugh at me that I have now lost access to my account & I can no longer login and download those modules for updates etc.. I have all his emails to prove it.

Bottom line is if you have a dispute over a module in the opencart store you are going to get screwed, if the developer has his/her own store, buy it directly from them so you don't have to deal with this BS with opencart.

The owner Daniel Kerr is an arrogant person who only cares about making money and nothing about the customers who have supported him buy buying the modules in his store for the last couple of years. I have emails from him to prove what I am saying, so stay away from buying modules in the opencart store and go with prestashop if you like opensource free shopping carts. I would take him to small claims court if he lived in the USA but he lives in another country. Anyway Opencart is no that good anyway, it has a loads of bugs in it, seo problems causing page duplication etc..

thats why they have to update the software all the time. This whole thing opened my eyes to which is a better shopping cart & that is definitely prestashop. Dan if you happen to read this, I have all your emails from you to prove every word here & even Paypal agreed with me & refunded me for 2 of the many modules I bought from you.

I couldn't get the rest of my money back from paypal cause the purchases were over 45 days so I lost a lot of money with opencart. He should do the right thing and at least let me download my software I paid for legally.

Monetary Loss: $500.


Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1240596

Man Arrested in Child *** Case (WFPD)

Posted: Aug 05, 2008 9:13 AM

Daniel Kerr, was arrested as part of a child *** investigation and was charged after investigators executed a search and seizure warrant at his home.

Detectives said they seized multiple computer-related items, computers and a cell phone.

Further investigation into Kerr's internet social networking activities revealed evidence of sharing *** with suspected minors. Troopers said those minors were located in several states.

Kerr was arrested on July 30 and faced a judge on the same day.. He was charged with third-degree possession of child ***, promoting a minor in an obscene performance and enticing a minor.


Don't buy anything to Daniel Kerr!!! He doesn't refund anything and he is a Scammer!!!



Daniel is a *** ***.

He's the rudest, most unprofessional *** on earth.

He will threaten to delete your account and when that happens you will lose access to all the extensions you paid for previously. There is no reasoning with him.

OpenCart is a decent piece of software but this guy is ruining it.

Moral of the story, don't download your extensions with opencart, look for the developer's website and buy directly from them!


Gee. I am glad I saw this blog, and will definitely stay away from the OpenCart platform.


Same here... this guy is *** (Daniel K)... worthless to talk to him....he dont' even know how to communicate in a good way...

to Dondon #867834



Same here. Just paid and never received my opencart theme.


Actually my issues with Daniel Kerr has been solved.

Misunderstandings that has been corrected and handled.

It was my stupidity to contact OC during the weekend when there were limited support. I should have shown more patience for which I do apologize for in public!

Sorry Daniel Kerr, I hope you are able to forget this and accept my apology


How did you get paypal to refund you please? I bought from qphoria (apparently he's in the opencart team) and not only did his mod fail to work, his attitude and customer service was also absolutely disgusting.

I emailed support about a refund and they have not gotten back to me yet. I want to go straight to paypal but would much rather not be banned.


I have over 10'000's sale a month. you are the less than 0.01% of people who can not follow simple instructions on how to get support.

you have already had support from the extension developers because I have spoken to them!

yet you feel you are in-titled to not only keep the extension but have the extension developer provide support for free.

The people on pissconsumer are morons, like you who thinks that we will prioritise your issue because you have start a dispute!

the guy that started the thread on pissed consumer started a dispute without ever contacting us for support, managed to get a refund on an extension without paypal even contacting me first on an extension he's still using on his site today! That's why his account was banned!

The fact is these idiots still keep coming to the web site and to try to continue buying from me under different accounts.

Meadville, Pennsylvania, United States #793480

I can't believe I ran into this article. A year ago Daniel Kerr ripped me off also.

What is with this guy? Don't use


OpenCart is a risk to use. Unfortunately the owner, Daniel Kerr, is very unprofessional and seems to be turned on by being vindictive to customers.

I found it very strange. I've never seen any company or especially programmer that has created such an unusual number of people that frankly hate him.

I also had problems with this guy. The fact is, if you choose to use OpenCart as your e-commerce platform you risk being alienated by the owner of the company for who knows what reasons. This guy has a serious personality defect.

I started using OpenCart but after running into the problem I had with Daniel Kerr I don't. Any programmer who writes extension, any website owner who build using OpenCart, rest far more than when using any other platform.

No other platform has the same concerns.

If you complain about anything, Daniel Kerr will try to *** over as bad as he can. I'm not willing to risk using anymore


Where does Dana Kerr live? I plan to visit him.

He rip me off in exactly the same way. I have had it with this punk. It would know what city he lives in?




All things are negotiable. but in opencart project side,

nothing can negotiable.

If they think you are bad guy , you are bad,

they will scam any people who is bad "just they think"


Opencart project 's way of treat bad people is became more bad guy.

If they think you are a bad buyer, they will became 1000 times bad than you, and scam you money,(they will say my manager decided not give you refund ,not give you download access ,just mean not give you anything but scam your money )

Does a company have right to scam money? Only court have right to decided money belong to who.

Open a paypal case is very usual.

most people not agree with seller will open paypal case.

opencart project can make a decided scammer some buyer.

If they want.

But in this way they can catch the real bad people? No , they only can cheat kind people.


I agree that opencart project will scam people money,

If they think you are try to do anything bad to them,

just "they think"

They will ban you and will scamm your money and will never give you money back.

also ban the ID is of course.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #773660

Anonymous and Opencart Scam



Member Group: Member

First Name: Nick

Last Name: Turi E-Mail: Telephone: 973-551-1429 Web Site: Company: Address 1: Po Box 11053 City: Fairfield Post Code: 07004 Country: United States Region / State: New Jersey PayPal: Look on his site he still using the opencart and using the software that he has had a refund on! opencart-scam Details: Username: Dotenaebyin Member Group: Member First Name: kaung Last Name: san E-Mail: Address 1: China Town Mahattan City: New York Post Code: 10013 Country: United States PayPal: His Ip is not from New York its from burma!

Message from buyer: dote byin Sunday 09:50 Contact Details Username: Dotenaebyin Name: dote byin E-Mail: IP: Enquiry: Hi, My Order ID : 412935 It says it's waiting for proof of ID. I used a virtual visa debit card to purchase and i have already attached in a image with my card number why is it that it's not letting me download yet. I really need the extension.

He was refunded because his so called virtual card was stolen card info and had a high fraud score! How can you have been ripped off when you were refunded you ***!

to Daniel #773754
And u think a virtual card doesnt exist.How do u know it had a high fraud score? I showed u proof of using that card for almost over 2 years now.

It could be anyone of my family member's card . If they did the card abroad and i use it from here u call me that i m lying from just the ip log? Then screw u.If it was a stolen card , it would be closed ages ago. Please use your head, think.!

Dont just assume things . If you walked into a store and buy something .Will they question u about where u get your money from? Maybe you pick it up? Maybe you stole it?

Maybe u rob it from someone?

nobody asks , just shut up and sell when i have provided you all the proof u need. :(
to Scam bad service Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #785040

when asked to put your name and address down you used an US based name and address when you are based in Burma! this is fraud.

not just with opencart but its also against paypal's terms of service. we can choose who we accept orders from, that is our right!

to Daniel Managua, Managua, Nicaragua #777123

What kind of company gives out a customer's detail ? Obviously a bad one . Beware of making business with him.

to Vallion Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #785038

a company that is dealing with 1 *** out of 300,000's active users that seems to think he can say what he wants without any comeback.


Totally agreed. Becareful of Daniel, he talks like he's running microsoft or Apple.Talks big and have a bad mouth.

I did show him all the proof that i own the card but he says that u are a thief u stole the card and banned me .Calling a customers thief without even proof.

Opencart customer service , worst of the worst.

Hire proper people.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #660434

Actually what happened was you started a dispute my system banned you automatically. you never sent us any emails for support or requesting a refund. the first contact we had with you was a dispute.

after you found yourself banned rather than following simple instructions of dropping the dispute and contacting us via email you made threats that if you did not get access to your downloads you were going to go online and say bad things about opencart.

the thing is you are still using the software you started a dispute about. you are using it on your site now. we are also not a cloud hosting service. you have already downloaded all your downloads and are using them. we are under no obligation to support you if you start disputes against us. we are have already given you free software that you run your business from . you can at least give us the courtesy of using email rather than disputes and threats

to OpenCart #759711

Daniel, u are a piece of ***. It is not normal that you are robbing again, again and again.

Stay away from Opencart

Opencart a SCAM project

Stay away

to opencart-scam #823220

I have contacted Paypal since I have recieved more threads in my email from Opencart, concerning a dispute/claim: nr. PP-003-181-048-811

This is what opencart wrote:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##

Your request (#21486) has been updated.

Reply to this email or click the link below:

Daniel Ker Daniel Kerr (OpenCart) Jun 03 12:07 are you *** or something! the first time you contact opencart staff was Saturday! we dont work weekends like many IT companies around the world! your account is banned!

do not attempt to buy from us again! ..... Wow - a really rude and impolite message for sure! I hereby attach some images that clearly proofs that my account indeed is restricted and that I can't access my paid downloads any longer: This is illegal to threaten people this way Opencart are doing, and keep in mind it's a consumer right to use Paypal's system if there indeed is a twist.

Since my account has been restricted/banned, I had no other options than to make a dispute for all purchases, even though the dispute I had raised via Paypal originally only concerns one extension. I have paid for those extensions - and hence I'm fully entitled to download those at any time, regardless of other disputes. Opencart are breaking international laws, by restricting consumers in purchasing their legal obtained purchases. I would also like to have an explanation on how Opencart is able to threathen consumers inside of Paypal?

Did they use some kind of scripting?

Please look here: I really find their methods inappropriate, specially as they are threatning consumers to avoid using Paypals dispute system, in order to control the flow themselves. I strongly advice everyone to carefully consider using and buying extensions from Opencart, specially if you are going to have problems with an extension of modification.

to Chucky #833349

Was it easy getting paypal to refund you? I want to get a refund too from one of the developers on OC.

I bought a mod from him and it didn't work, not only that the *unt refused to help me and gave me attitude.

Most disgusting customer service ever.

I'm worried because paypal doesn't seem to provide refunds on virtual services/products.

to Chucky #835879

Actually my issues with Daniel Kerr has been solved.

Misunderstandings that has been corrected and handled.

It was my stupidity to contact OC during the weekend when there were limited support. I should have shown more patience for which I do apologize for in public!

Sorry Daniel Kerr, I hope you are able to forget this and accept my apology

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